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Why do dozens of world famous opera singers rely on a St. Louis travel agency for all their travel arrangements?

It’s simple…we’re that good.

susan graham at travelmasters

Susan Graham and TravelMasters owner, Beth Yarus

“Beth Yarus has changed my life since she became my travel agent in 1991. I am an opera singer, and I constantly travel worldwide, with all the hurdles that carries, both predictable and unpredictable! Beth has always had instant solutions to the most convoluted problems with itineraries, schedules, personal needs and preferences, and has become a dear and trusted friend in the process. I couldn’t do what I do and retain my sanity without her.‎” – Susan Graham

Opera singers have demanding schedules. They constantly criss-cross continents to go from one performance to the next. Schedules change. Flights get delayed or cancelled. And accommodations have to be top-notch. Anything less than the best simply will not do.

For over 30 years, many of the world’s greatest opera stars have come to rely on TravelMasters to get them where they need to be because we deliver time and time again. Here are just some of the opera greats we’re privileged to have as long time clients…

Discover the top quality service that these opera stars demand and expect from us by letting us help plan your next getaway.

Beth Yarus

Beth Yarus has been in the travel industry for 35 years.  Beth is a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) having completed the advanced education program.

Beth is recognized by the British Tourist Authority as a “Brit Agent” having qualified as a British Tourist Authority Destination Specialist.  The Irish Tourist Board has also certified Beth as an Ireland Destination Specialist.

Most of TravelMasters clients are of long standing, and we are pleased to work with the second and sometimes third generations of those families.  We are especially gratified knowing we are deemed professional enough to please world renowned opera singers, orchestra conductors and musicians from all genres.

We believe in finding the best value for all of our clients and continuously updating our education and training to stay as current as we can in our ever changing industry.

Beth has been fortunate to have traveled extensively in her career and one of her favorite  destinations remains Great Britain.

Linda S.

Linda has been in the travel business  for 35 years.   She’s been to Africa, Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, Wales, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore, Prague, Budapest, Germany and many others.

Her first love other than her dogs (which she gets to bring to work) is golf.  Golf vacation planning is one of her special areas of expertise.

She’s also worked with many brides planning destination weddings and grooms planning honeymoons. Her best reward are clients whose expectations she’s exceeded.

Susan K.

Susan has been a travel consultant for over 25 years, having completed her Certified Travel Counselor (CTC), at the beginning of her career.

The world is like a multi-colored necklace; each bead is different and adds to the mix. Every country with its culture, history and local color has something to offer the traveler. The excitement of learning about the places you visit keeps the adventure of travel an intriguing experience.

Susan is an Aussie Specialist (Australia), a Kiwi Expert (New Zealand), and a Fundi Specialist (South Africa). Traveling to those countries and helping clients plan their travel
experiences offer a continued learning experience.

Susan never tires of travelling to Europe each year, having completed 15 European Destination Certificates and adding new destinations to explore. Recently, that has been the Black Sea and South America.

Helping clients plan their travel adventures is like putting together a puzzle, in the end there is a wonderful trip to experience and the opportunity to make new friends.

Anita M.

Anita has worked in the travel industry for almost 20 years, 16 of these with TravelMasters.  She’s always loved to travel and wants to share the adventure of new places with her clients.

From Hong Kong to France to Malaysia to the Grand Canyon to Disneyland and to countless other destinations, she’s seen the world change.  She’s visited Singapore, Thailand, Caribbean Islands,  Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, China, Ireland, Canada, U.S. national parks, and has traveled with a Eurailpass through much of western Europe. There are too many places to list here and too much fun to be had out there!

She likes the journey by trains, planes, boats and cars.  Anything to get her there makes her happy to be on her way.

She doesn’t believe she’s ever been to a country or city that didn’t have something of interest and beauty to appreciate.  She’s revisited many of these fascinating places over the
years and would like to help your family explore new cities both in our vast United States and other countries.

Gloria S.

Gloria is a certified cruise and ski expert. She’s been with TravelMasters for over 20 years.

She has many years experience in both group and leisure travel. She has cruised most of the world and can share her knowledge of countries visited and places she has seen. Having traveled to England many times and being a collector of find antiques she can share all the many markets and shops she’s found.

Specializing in Mexico and Caribbean travel she has experience in planning honeymoons and family vacations. She can recommend some of the most romantic restaurants as well as specialized tours for both couples and families.

Mary Ann G.

A Recipe for Success

As the newest member of the TravelMasters team, Mary Ann brings years of real world experience and education to an industry that she believes will make you richer by traveling. By using the intelligent value theory, clients benefit by time saving, unbiased information, and expertise on how to travel and save money doing it.

Mary Ann has a passion for travel and has extensive knowledge of many areas. She is a Destination Specialist when it comes to cruising whether you are on an ocean or a river. She has sailed on many different cruise lines and keeps up to date with these lines by participating in their ongoing training and certifications.

Italy, Ireland, Peru, and Costa Rica are just a few of the places she can make magic for you. She loves assisting groups and multi-generational travelers. Mary Ann is known for her long lasting relationships with her clients. She understands that some of you may be planning many trips in your lifetime while others will be planning  “a trip of a lifetime” …she is the travel advisor that will be your partner easing your worries,  giving great attention to the details, and in making your travel dreams come true.

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