The Wonders of Asia

Step back in history and forward to the future, your travels to the Far East will take you there.  Calm in a chaotic world, in other words…….”zen”.   Experience the contrast.

The tranquility of the ancient temples of Japan clash with the neon and glass of the Ginza.   Kimonos easily blend with female executives in business suits.  Temples, Gardens, high-speed trains, prayer beads and sake inspire your steps through this intriguing country.

Meander the vast land of China exploring the history of The Emperors’ Forbidden City and Summer Palace; walk a comfortable stretch of the twisting and turning Great Wall; ponder the unearthed life-size Terra Cotta Warriors; cruise the world’s third longest river viewing some of the most dramatic scenery in the world; stroll through museums and the historic Bund and futuristic Pudong areas of Shanghai; and immerse yourself in the bustling culture of Hong Kong.

Asia is the mystical ancient and modern!  Experience the secrets of life in this blended world.


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