Why Use a Travel Agent

Here’s a short video from Apple Vacations, one of our travel partners, that gives a good overview of the value a good travel agent provides. From finding the best deals, to helping you find the best places to go based on your personal preferences to using our insider knowledge and contacts to help you out if something goes wrong…we can do things no website could ever do.

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The Magic of Disneyworld!

Magic! Magic! Magic!!

Revisit all of your childhood stories and dreams in the most magical destination on earth! Or introduce your children or grandchildren to this fantasy world that they will never forget!

Princesses, pirates and flying elephants will escort you into the world of “make believe” in the wonderful Magic Kingdom! Visit the WORLD in a magical day at Epcot, or become a star on a movie set in Hollywood Studios.

Encounter thousand of animals from around the world in the largest animal-themed park in the world or enjoy “wild” entertainment in the Animal Kingdom! Take a break at your choice, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, to cool off from the warm Florida Sun!

What is your dream?

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Travel to the Magical Land of Ireland

The land of Leprechauns, Banshees and Pookas……Welcome to Ireland!

Ask anyone who has been to Ireland if they saw any of the little fairies, and you will see the twinkle in their eye! Ireland is a magical land and people!

Poets Joyce, Yeats, Swift and Wilde were inspired by their homeland and you will be, too.

The soaring Cliffs of Moher, the lunar-like Burren, the glassy lakes, the ancient castles, and the verdant countrysides are second only to the amiable residents of this country.

Your journey will include metropolitan cities in both the Republic and the North, but the “heart” of Ireland is in its’ small villages, pubs and homes. Their peat logs burning and their mysteriously beautiful music will lure you into the lore and magic of ancient times. Giants versus brave warriors, stories of love, and of war, survival of this beautiful land fills their songs. You will hear of ancient Kings, castles and clans that inhabited the land in medieval times.

Having climbed the over one hundred steps to kiss the Blarney Stone, you, too, shall come away with the talent to pass along………………..the Story of Ireland!

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Travel Lessons From the Blizzard

Here’s an article from the New York Times about the travel mess that was created by the recent blizzard on the East Coast. Yet, as the article points out, many people who were stranded could have largely avoided the whole fiasco by using a travel agent.

It makes a difference where you book your airline reservations! A professional travel agent can do more for you than a website. We anticipate, arrange and re-arrange, and resolve problems faster and smarter than any travel or airline website. We got our clients out and unstuck before they even knew they had a problem!

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St Louis Travel Agent Reveals the Beauty of French Polynesia

French Polynesia…..

Only in your dreams? But dreams can come true!

Tahiti and her islands inspired Rogers and Hammerstein to produce one of the most popular musicals of all time….”South Pacific”.  Envision Bloody Mary singing her soliloquy…

“…any night, any day, in your heart, you’ll hear it call you:  come away…come away. She will whisper in the wind of the sea, here am I, your special island! come to me…come to me! …if you try, you’ll find me, where the sky meets the sea. Here am i your special island, come to me…come to me!”

Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora are calling you to relax aboard the luxurious “Paul Gauguin”.   This small luxury ship will offer you intimate accommodations, delectable dining, pampering spa treatments, lectures on art and history and as much activity as you desire on the water or land!

We can arrange a pre or post stay in an over the water bungalow, where breakfast will be delivered by canoe!

Find out what lured the artists to one of the most beautiful places on earth!

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St. Louis Travel Agent’s Italian Adventure

Mention Italy and the mind immediately conjures thoughts of romance, history, food and wine!

The Amalfi Coast will delight all of your senses!  We will select the perfect “home” for your stay!   Breathtaking vistas from every point, local seafood and pastas paired with the perfectly selected wine…..all after a relaxing day of sailing to the Island of Capri! We can arrange a private guide to introduce you to all of the magnificent little villages that are scattered along the rugged coastline of the Campania region.  A week?  A month? A year?  Never quite enough time here in this unforgettable destination!


Gladiators, chariots, tombs, gardens, villas and origins of the Roman Catholic Church.  As you experience this city, whether it is with a private guide or just walking from piazza to piazza, you will step back in time while exploring this vibrant city!  Michelangelo’s Renaissance era magnificence awaits you! Are you ready to embrace it?

Enjoy some of the sights of beautiful Italy taken by our agent, Mary O’Toole…

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